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Are we open yet? And answers to other questions you may have these days...

Golly do we miss you, friends. Here's a photo from the Loony Bin in better days when could actually see each other smile and share a bucket of potato salad. And, you know, be in the same vicinity.

We are dismayed to learn today that the Alberta Government has once again kept the tattoo and piercing industry locked down for another two weeks without any end in sight. It's unfair and it's put our business and business like ours in peril.

If you've visited Red Loon in the past AND post-covid lockdown round one, you know that we uphold the highest of standards to maintain the health and safety of our beloved clients, our staff and our community. Even outside of the studio, we still follow Alberta guidelines for infection control.

We screen you before you come in for your appointment, we ask that you come alone and wear a mask. We wear masks, we clean the studio regularly, we document all contact with every client we see. We've been working at hugely reduced capacity since mid-June.

Why we are out of work for the unforeseen future, once again, is beyond us and we're frustrated.

We're still here for you! We are still booking consultations and we are still doing online consultations for jewelry sales. We will be adding to our Facebook Shop over the next few days. Jewelry will be available for pick up or mail out.

In the meantime, we urge you to visit https://streetkey.elections.ab.ca and find your MLA and shoot them an email urging them to allow studios like Red Loon to open back up. Small business is important - and so is your health. We've been committed to supporting both since we've started.

We miss you all so much. Thanks for sticking it out and supporting us.

Cheers! Lexci, Michelle, Chantele, David, Jesse, Peter and Chaddy.

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