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Client protocol for visiting the studio

Thanks for booking an appointment at Red Loon.  

To get right to it, before your appointment, please be prepared for the following protocols you must agree to prior to and on arrival to the studio

-You haven't traveled by air or out of country for at least 14 days

-You do not have symptoms of Covid-19. (If you have allergies or preexisting conditions, please remedy symptoms before you come to the studio. Clients who are excessively coughing, sniffling or sneezing will be asked to leave and rebook and will forfeit their deposit.)

Please let us know in advance if you need to reschedule based on any other symptoms.   *At any time, your artist may also need to cancel on short notice if they have symptoms or a positive test for Covid-19. Your appointment will be rescheduled with priority as soon as it is safe to do so. We appreciate your understanding on our end in the event this may happen.*

-Come alone. Sorry, no friends or spectators allowed at this time. No exceptions.

-You MUST have a mask (fabric or otherwise) that covers your nose and mouth BEFORE you enter the studio. This mask shouldn't be touched or removed for the duration of your time in the studio. We may not currently have masks available for clients. Please ensure your mask is clean and fresh. If you are coming for a lengthy appointment, bring additional masks for in the event yours becomes compromised/damp/needs to be removed.

-Have your government issued photo ID ready. Alberta ID, Driver's Licence, Status, Military, PAL is acceptable. It has to have your full name, your birthdate and your picture.  If you are coming in to sign for a minor, you must have valid ID and some form of ID for the minor (provincial ID, passport, birth certificate, health care card..) Information on age policies can be found on our FAQ.

-Upon arrival you will be welcomed into the shop. Please use available hand sanitizer to clean your hands. Please don’t bring a lot of stuff - clothing, bags, food items, etc. 

-Eat before you come. There is no eating in the procedure areas. A personal beverage with a closable lid is permitted. 

-We are accepting cash, debit, credit and e-transfer payments. **If you are tested for Covid-19 and it comes back positive or if you have been asked to self-isolate for Covid-19 symptoms please help us keep our co-workers, clients, families and communities safe and give us a heads up. Please call or email ASAP so your artist can isolate as well.**

-We will do our very best to ensure our clients and staff are safe. Please remember that body art services are elective. If you have a compromised immune system, this may not be the best time to receive body art services. Please consult your doctor

-If any of these stipulations are not followed, you may be asked to leave the studio at risk of forfeit of your deposit. If you need to rebook, we are trying to be as accommodating as possible as long as we have advance notice. 

-Rest assured that our artists and piercers are confident in their training in infection control and use of PPE to keep you as safe as possible. Please keep in mind that in the midst of the uncertainty of this global pandemic, we are following guidelines from the Alberta Alliance of Safe Body Art ( www.aasba.info ) and Alberta Health Services. There is never a guarantee that you may not be exposed to Covid-19 while being anywhere in public at this time.  -We do not tolerate abuse or debate regarding Covid-19 policies. Any disrespect shown to Red Loon staff, clients and policies will result in termination of any appointments or engagement and forfeit of your deposit. If you have any questions or concerns beforehand and if you need to reschedule your appointment,  Please contact us directly. We're so grateful to have you in! 780.469.0101  redloontattoo@gmail.com Or message us directly on our facebook page or Instagram. 

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