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Lip Piercing! Celebrity Trend Watch!

A side set lip piercing with small gem

side set lip piercing with classic steel ball.

While a lot of the preferred placement of a lip piercing is based on where you envision it, your piercer will offer their expert input on the safest placement to be careful of your unique anatomy. We take into consideration where your gums and teeth will be in relation to the disc on the inside of your mouth. We don't want the piercing to be rubbing on your gums or catching on your teeth! *owch* While I'm excited to see the potential rise in centre-pierced lip piercings like Kim and Amber are rocking, you should know that a ring style of jewelry isn't best jewelry to start out with. Lip piercing can swell up a fair amount when they're new and it's important to pierce with a longer barbell or wider diameter hoop to accommodate for the swelling. For this reason, centrally placed lip piercings are best initially pierced with a stud (aka flatback barbell) so a hoop doesn't flop from side to side which could cause irritation. A downsize to a ring-style jewelry can be made after a few weeks once the swelling comes off and the piercing is feeling a bit more stable. Once a lip piercing is healed and the jewelry downsized, the piercing can wear both hoop and barbell style jewelry designs. The aftercare and healing for a lip piercing is quite simply and pretty easy if implant grade, internally threaded jewelry is worn at all times. Never "surgical" grade or plastics of any sort. If you'd like to discuss if a lip piercing would work for you and what your options are - feel free to come to the studio and have a chat! 7716 104st NW Edmonton, AB or give me a call at 780.469.0101

A side-placed lip piercing with classic hoop

A centrally placed labret piercing with gem

Paired lip piercings with spike jewelry

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