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Surprise Tattoos?

We had a couple brave clients this week with an interesting idea! This mother and daughter duo wanted to get tattoos, but they wanted something a little more meaningful. Together they discussed some ideas, but came to the decision to let each other pick their design and not reveal it until the tattoo was finished! They each consulted with Red Loon artist, Peter Lester, to design a tattoo for the other. Discreetly, Peter drew up each tattoo, placed the stencil with the other person’s approval and got to work. The ladies spent the day in the studio while Peter tattooed them. They were careful not to peek! Imagine going through the pinch of getting tattooed and not even knowing what it was going to look like! After each tattoo was finished, he took a picture with the other’s phone and then bandaged the tattoo up.

Daughter and mother see their tattoos for the first time.
The Big Reveal! They finally get to see their tattoos after they’re finished!

After both tattoos were finished and bandaged up, they revealed the tattoos to each other on their phones And... Good news: *phewf* They both loved the tattoos! Designed with love and specially for the other. Would you let your friend or family pick YOUR next tattoo? Give us a call! Let’s book your consultation and do it!

Tattoo designed by mom for daughter

Tattoo designed for mom by daughter


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