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Floating Navel Piercing: There IS an alternative!

Have you always wanted a navel piercing, but have been told you don't have the right anatomy for one? Perhaps you had a navel piercing in the past and for whatever reason, it migrated out or didn't work? We want to remind you about the alternative to the classic belly button piercing - the "Floating" Navel Piercing!

Floating Navel Piercing

Floating Navel Piercing over previous scar tissue

It's just like a classic navel piercing in that it's done using a curved barbell, but instead of the traditional big bling on the inside, there is only a small flat disc. Some people's navels fold in on themselves whe

n they sit down or curl over. Or, they may be lacking that little ridge or "flap" of tissue that many people have at the top of their navel - this can put undue stress on a piercing and cause the jewelry to press forward and can lead to migration of the piercing, causing it to go crooked, and even as far as causing the piercing to reject entirely! Unfortunately this can leave behind unsightly scar tissue. A Floating Navel Piercing sits the position of the barbell deeper into the inside of the navel while still coming out the top in the traditional placement. It's there where you can get creative with lots of cute options in jewelry from sparkling stones, or cascading dangles! (or both!) Initial jewelry designs in house are versatile and plenty! We can help you pick exactly what you want to wear during the healing period. Once your piercing has healed, we can help you custom build a beautiful ornate piece from you choice of the designers we work with! As always, Red Loon only uses the best in implant grade body jewelry for optimal healing! We'd be happy to offer a free consultation in-person or over the phone. We take piercing appointments Monday to Sunday! Give us a call for more details! 780.469.0101

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