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Summer is in full swing and your aftercare is not over - even for healed tattoos! Protecting your investment so that it will stay vibrant and crisp for years to come is your ongoing responsibility and the #1 way to help prevent premature aging, and even irreparable damage to your tattoo is protect it from the sun's harmful UV rays. Using an appropriate SPF Sunscreen over your tattoos, whether they be a a full sleeve or the tiniest little finger tattoo will keep the blacks from turning grey and blue, the colours from fading and looking muddy and details blobbing together over time. Of course it's imperative to protect your whole body from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays, if you still want to have that sun-kissed look, please protect your tattoos! For your convenience, Red Loon offers a selection of aftercare products including Surfer's Choice. A Reef Safe, SPF 50 sunscreen formulated by our friends at H2Ocean for the purpose of protection your body art! This sunscreen formula is unscented, non-greasy, water resistant for 80 minutes, and dries in less than 30 seconds! No more greasy, smelly, irritating sunscreen. Check out our client Scottie's tattoos. He has been diligent in protecting his tattoos from the sun's harmful rays since they were brand new. You can see the slight halo of protected skin around them and how it has preserved the vibrancy of his tattoos over a year later!

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