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An Up for Grabs piece in action!

Up For Grabs! You may have read this line or hashtag on your favourite shops or artists' social media. What is it? Up for Grabs tattoo

Black and grey rose by Peter

Frog by David

flash is still a custom tattoo - never to be replicated like other flash pages may be - but it's usually a smaller piece priced to sell quickly. You may have noticed that different artists have very different and diverse styles. Life-like portraits, striking geometric designs, soft and delicate pieces and hard and heavy classic traditional styles. What artists tend to put up in their Up for Grabs books and folders are usually pieces they WANT to do to showcase the subject matter to help promote their unique style. How is this good for you? It's usually best for your pocketbook as a collector! Artists will usually price Up for Grabs pieces by the piece rather than the time and will knock a few bucks off the total to ensure it gets done to display in their portfolio. Check out our Up for Grabs gallery on our Facebook Page! If the pieces are up - they're still available and they're ever-changing! See something you like? First deposit will claim it! Give us a call at 780.469.0101

Geisha head by Clark

For the outdoorsman by Adam

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