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New to Our Crew!

We are SO pumped to introduce two new artists to Red Loon.

PETER LESTER has joined the team! A newer artist to the industry, he is developing a flair for detailed black and grey and some really deadly custom script/lettering of various styles!

He is currently taking custom consultations - we can book you in over the phone at 780.469.0101

And to keep things balanced, we have added another rad chick with the addition of NICOLE ESCHAK!

Nicole has been tattooing about a year- but her clean and colourful portfolio is proof to her expertise! She is very experienced in custom consultation and working one-on-one with clients to be sure they get precisely what they're looking for! Be sure to check out our artists portfolios in the Tattoo section to find the right artist for you! And feel free to give us a call or fire up a chat if you need some help getting pointed in the right direction! Cheers! And welcome aboard, Peter and Nicole! <3

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