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So Far So Good! -An update

Steph, Landon, Clark, Lex, and Adam all worked together at Dragon FX and decided it was time to onward to an environment that better suited our needs. We were joined by David to open the doors and since November 1, 2016, we have enjoyed success in our relaxing new environment. We got our signage up outside thanks to the help our supercool neighbours at! You cannot miss us coming down Calgary Trail now!

Our new Signage!

Art Fusion with our friends from Dragon FX, Capital Tattoo, Embedded Tattoo

We had a huge opening party after our first week! A housewarming of sorts! We had a house full of our friends, family and besties in the industry. Along with some food and cheer, the artists busted out some paper and got to making some art together. It was a very cool thing to watch as everyone put their creativity together on one page at the same time! Art from our opening party and a couple other gatherings can be seen hanging up in the shop on display!

Some industry friends at the opening party!

at Echo Cycle for the Triumph Motorcycle's big reveal!

We were honoured to be invited out to Echo Cycle for the Triumph Motorcycles' reveal for their new bike. We tattooed die-hard Triumph riders live on location and met a lot of super cool people we can't wait to have in the shop!

It's our intent to keep an active blog on our website as we see there's actually a lot of traffic here! (welcome!) So please check back weekly to hear our rants, raves, announcements and keep in touch with us (and mostly for Lexci to figure out just how this blog works)

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @redloontattoo and on facebook!

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