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Convention Time!

We're at the Edmonton Tatttoo & Arts Festival!

It's that time of year again! For Red Loon, it's our second appearance at a Tattoo & Arts festival - or Tattoo Convention, as it's commonly know - although this ain't our first rodeo! Convention weekend is a super exciting time for us because we get to get out of the comfort zone (And Netflix) of our home studio and into the crazy GO GO GO of the convention centre. Even more exciting is that it means we get to meet YOU. New potential clients. What does it mean when we say "we're working the convention next weekend"? It means we're actually tattooing live at the show! Red Loon has three booths this year. Every artist will be there to say hello, talk to you about tattoos, talk to you about body piercing, health and safety, coverups, reworks... Riverdale on Netflix.... You also get to see work from artists all over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America, and even from across the globe! We'll have walk-up appointments available for tattoos as well as a whole pile of brand new Up-For-Grabs flash at great prices for those of you who just want a little jammer.

Adam and Clark and some of their flash and portfolio

Getting tattooed at the show means you get to sit out in the open and get a really cool tattoo while convention goers slowly walk past while they check out portfolios and talk to the artists. Some people bring headphones and a snack, others are happy to talk about their tattoo experience to people who are considering getting a tattoo themselves! (Does it hurt? Why did you pick that particular design? etc) It's a lot of fun. Definitely a unique experience.

Lexci is piercing at the convention!

Red Loon is also very excited to have Lexci be the exclusive piercer at the Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival this year. Convention goers can rest assured that the piercing skill and quality at the show is top notch from the same fully-disposable, sterilized equipment and jewelry. Of course Lexci is only using the safest, top quality, North American Made body jewelry available. Get pierced at the show for a great promotional price with the designers you already love - Anatometal, Neometal and Infinite Body. Lexci loves talking body jewelry, body piercing and standards for safe body art so be sure to pop in and say hi! We still have a couple limited 2 for 1 coupons available for the show at the shop. Grab one and make sure you and your friends come say hi to Lexci, Stephanie, Adam, Clark, David, Peter and Nicole. (Rumour has it, special guest front end extraordinaire Jeanette will be there for all your inquiries as well!) See you at the Convention!

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